Kiss yourself goodnight

Datum: 2010-04-17 | Tid: 01:20:00
Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have an entire story planned in ones head, but that refuses to flow out throw the fingers and make words? A story that's so wonderful that you can't wait until you can read it with your own words, a short film that keeps replaying in front of ones eyes?

It feels like I can't write fast enough, because the story just want to get out, it wants to show itself and it want criticism and praise. It wants to be read. But it's just not going dast enough.

At least now I've done small 'outlines' for all the remaining chapters (seven of them) so now I know exactly what I will write about. Now I just have to actually do it. Am soon done with chapter 14 and I'm happy about that, it's been a hard chapter and I've during the writing of this I've found a lot of things I need to change because the story did a dramatic change all of a sudden.

But I think that it'll become quite good, so with this I say good night because I'm gonna go to bed and watch Vampire Diaries.

Chapter Thirteen

Datum: 2010-04-05 | Tid: 19:56:00

The chapter will most definitely be done tonight.
E've written a little everywhere possible, on the bus to and from work, today when I waited for the Xumba pass I was holding, and last night when I watched the CSI trilogy and Criminal Minds.
I have the whole outline of the chapter done and I'm just waiting for the words to fill in all the details.

While you wait you can have a preview of the chapter;


You know it’s summer when you and your friends starts wearing shorts and a top and only complains a tiny but about the cold. And summer must be the greatest time of the year, no discussion. At east that’s what I thought, until I met Cole Bourdon.


Cole wasn’t the average talkative guy like the rest of the bunch. Instead he mostly lurked around in the background looking grumpy and glaring at people as soon as they even thought about talking to him. It was the guys (and Tangerine for some reason) who dared to even cross his path (the guys treated him like anyone else, joking and stuff even if the repeated response was silence). But when summer came he got started. It was too hot, too crowded, too much noise, and, on top of it all, Cole was allergic to pollen, which made him sneeze like a loon, and then complain about it.


Because of Cole’s characteristic whining that had started a few weeks earlier, I was surprised when he tagged along today. There was this mini festival with a lot of awesome bands and it had everything that he detested; big crowds, loud noises, a lot of grass, and as the cherry on top; it was a bright, cloudless, sunny day, rare for the English weather. Despite all of that here he was, enjoying himself. My theory was that he just didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t go to this and then had to stand the other guys talk non stop about how cool and awesome Enter Shikari was, which was the reason why we had gotten them to join us in the first place.


Us girls had just settled down on the grass after an awesome performance by Pendulum and the roadies were busy redoing the stage and doing roadie stuff to prepare for Hadouken! who were next in line. I lit up a fag and stared up at the sky above. Mandy, Tangerine and Fran (who were the only ones to like this kind of music enough to pay to see it) followed my example, except the smoking part.


“I don’t think I’ve ever experiences this kind of weather before,” Mandy said and stretched her hand towards the sun.


“I know,” I agreed. “It’s like God wanted us to enjoy this.”


“God doesn’t exist, you know,” Tange piped in.


I patted her head and sucked on my cigarette. “I know my dim friend. And you know that it’s just a figure of speech.” I was strangely in a really good mood for being me and considering everything that went on in my life, but how could I not? I was at the greatest mini festival ever, which contained nearly everyone of my favourite bands, the sun was shining and I had my cigarettes, which I more or less chain smoked between gigs.

Chapter Twelve - Done and done

Datum: 2010-04-02 | Tid: 03:00:00

I'm done with chapter twelve on the book, and I've written a check list with things that's gonna happen in chapter thirteen, so I've got something to do if it's a slow day at work tomorrow.
Draft as promised!


New year’s were celebrated at the Twins' place with everyone we knew, and some we didn’t know too. It had been the greatest party known to the history of parties, with a lot of dancing (the guys danced too and that ought to count for something), a lot of drinking and a lot of shouting as the countdown to the new year started. Mandy’s and Mary’s parents had not been happy with them when they had gotten home and had found the house in such trashed state (they may have forgotten to mention the involving of sixteen other people. As far as Mr. and Mrs. Ross knew, it would be only us girls).

Yes, time passed by with such speed that it was impossible to keep up with it. Days turned into weeks, weeks to months and before we all knew it, our A-levels were done, everything got warmer and college ended. We were free, at least until the end of summer when some of us would go to uni (I wasn’t included in that group).

With time’s movements came everything from birthdays and wild partying to slow film nights at Dave’s place and hangover lunches at Burger King, but all those things blurred together into one massive memory and a feeling that we had had a good time.

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