Kick-Ass kicked ass

Datum: 2010-04-16 | Tid: 20:21:00

To start with, I have to say that I thought that the movie Kick-Ass would be a bit of a comical, childish movie that would be charmy and cosy to watch, a bit like the Spiderman movies in its fight scenes.

Oh, I was wrong!

The movie was brutal and bloody with cursewords and an eleven year old girl who mass murderes without any problems. It was more like Sin City than Spiderman and is, exactly like SC, based on a comic book. This can seem discouraging for some (and it's absolutely not a movie you take your younger kids to see, if they're not already that fucked up byt violence so that the blood will be no problem for them), but the film was totally in my elemen and fitted me really well

And on top of that, it was some High school in it (a film genre I in secret adores) and the mandatory love trouble (which was made more funny with rumours about homosexuality), and the humour was right like I wanted it, a bit dry and awkward, which for me is love!


So Kick-Ass totally kicked ass, according to me!

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