and i like to tip toe around the shit going down

Datum: 2010-12-14 | Tid: 23:30:00

Pack up - Eliza Doolittle


The best song today!

Friends forever

Datum: 2010-04-22 | Tid: 21:24:00

I'm crying like a loon.

Most Played

Datum: 2010-04-18 | Tid: 21:45:00
This week's most played list looks like this!

Pretty easy to see that Hadouken! has made my week! ;)

Now I'm gonna look for fonts and study if there's any time!


Night music

Datum: 2010-04-10 | Tid: 01:20:00
From me to you, with love!

We are rockstars - Does it offend you, yeah?

Dawn of the dead - Does it offend you, yeah?

Let's make out - Does it offend you, yeah?

M.A.D - Hadouken!

Ugly - Hadouken!

Turn the lights of - Hadouken!

Propane nightmares - Pendulum

Blood sugar - Pendulum

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