Kiss yourself goodnight

Datum: 2010-04-17 | Tid: 01:20:00
Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have an entire story planned in ones head, but that refuses to flow out throw the fingers and make words? A story that's so wonderful that you can't wait until you can read it with your own words, a short film that keeps replaying in front of ones eyes?

It feels like I can't write fast enough, because the story just want to get out, it wants to show itself and it want criticism and praise. It wants to be read. But it's just not going dast enough.

At least now I've done small 'outlines' for all the remaining chapters (seven of them) so now I know exactly what I will write about. Now I just have to actually do it. Am soon done with chapter 14 and I'm happy about that, it's been a hard chapter and I've during the writing of this I've found a lot of things I need to change because the story did a dramatic change all of a sudden.

But I think that it'll become quite good, so with this I say good night because I'm gonna go to bed and watch Vampire Diaries.


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