Chapter Twelve - Done and done

Datum: 2010-04-02 | Tid: 03:00:00

I'm done with chapter twelve on the book, and I've written a check list with things that's gonna happen in chapter thirteen, so I've got something to do if it's a slow day at work tomorrow.
Draft as promised!


New year’s were celebrated at the Twins' place with everyone we knew, and some we didn’t know too. It had been the greatest party known to the history of parties, with a lot of dancing (the guys danced too and that ought to count for something), a lot of drinking and a lot of shouting as the countdown to the new year started. Mandy’s and Mary’s parents had not been happy with them when they had gotten home and had found the house in such trashed state (they may have forgotten to mention the involving of sixteen other people. As far as Mr. and Mrs. Ross knew, it would be only us girls).

Yes, time passed by with such speed that it was impossible to keep up with it. Days turned into weeks, weeks to months and before we all knew it, our A-levels were done, everything got warmer and college ended. We were free, at least until the end of summer when some of us would go to uni (I wasn’t included in that group).

With time’s movements came everything from birthdays and wild partying to slow film nights at Dave’s place and hangover lunches at Burger King, but all those things blurred together into one massive memory and a feeling that we had had a good time.


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