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Datum: 2010-04-04 | Tid: 03:19:00
So, two nights, two parties. The first party wasn't really a party, it ended with us sitting and chilling at söder and talking and drinking beer. Oscar and I went to Slussen together around two or something while the others went to Spybar, and then we went in different directions.

Today I worked and I stood with a really cool girl and we had so much fun.
Though I have realized that people from Linköping are;

*Very cheap
*Very rude

And then they talk funny too. Now I don't mean all these people, but those whom I met.
Well, because I was called Stockholmsfitta (Stockholm cunt) four times under the first paus (by the same person).
Jesper saved my day though, when I mentioned that I was going to start a blog with that name.

Jesper: But then we can team up. I'm starting a blog that's called Lady Stardust, and I'm gonna dress up as Babsan.

Earlier during the day Oscar had made my day too, when we were eating lunch.
This was the conversation that followed;

What wasn't as funny was that I hurt my thumb. I did something, grabbed a metal bar and pulled so now I've got a really deep cut in my thumb.
I had to change band aid after about two minutes because it was bleeding so much.
And on top of that I'm getting a cold sore too, so minus points on that :(

When my shift finally ended I got to the bus stop and waited, and all of a sudden an old friend of mine shows up, and in some way it ends with her having convinced me to come with her to a party, so I put down the book in my bag, jump on another bus and spends the trip putting some make-up on.
We go to home to some guy I've never met before and sit with a bunch of guys I've also never met before.

In the beginning it was really awkwaaard even though everyone was nice to me, but after a while it got a lot less tense and I was myself with them and just let loose. I think I was accepted into the group.

And it was one of them who got it into his mind that all I though about was the size of a guy, something he walked around and told everyone. The worst part was that everyone believe him, despite me explained over and over again that that wasn't the case. Another one got it into his mind that he was going to set me up with someone there (and it then turned out that we had more in common than we though, and another wanted to give a guy's number to me, because we had "hold hands" (when it really was us splitting a cigarette...)

The guy who claimed that I was only interested in the size of a guy was also the one who helped me with my problems about The Hot Bartender, and he gave me some flirting tips in his drunken haze. I think that I, despite my better judgement, will try out his theroies. Cause, exactly like he said, what do I have to lose?
Except my dignity...
(He was also awesomely good in reading me. He hit bull's eye in almost everything he said about me and my behaviour, and probably The Hot Bartender too...In my eyes he looks like the type The help described)

We sang Lips too. It was really niiiice!

So all in all, I've had an awesome day, and I'm happy. Despite that I met Dampe at the bus when I left with Axel and RIlle because they were going to eat Gryos, and got a bit sad in the end when I got home because I got disappointed. But then I thought, Meh, I've had a fucking fantastic night, so what difference does it make? And then the Gyros boys fought over which of them were nicer to me.

Axel: Is this your stop?
Kim: Yes...
Axel: Look how nice I am! *hugs Kim* Have a good time now!
Rille: *hugs Kim* Have a really good time!
Kim: *stands by the door*
Axel: If there's any trouble I'll jump off at Masten, I promise!
Rille: I can get off now if you want! If there's any trouble, I mean!
Axel: Me too!

I laughed, went off the bus and skipped home.

No, now I'm going to bed, I have work in the morning!

Now it got one of those damn posts with a lot of text!N
Hah! :D
Well, what do you do?



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