You know you're a writer when...

Datum: 2010-04-09 | Tid: 21:46:00

You burn all your money on material
Who needs clothes and make-up when you can buy that pen, and that book that will help you become a better writer and which gives healthy advices?

The notebad and pen is always packed down first in EVERY bag
How else are you supposed to write down all the important thoughts that pops up when you least expects it?

You get excited when you see a cute notepad in the store
If you see more than one, you get angsty and don't know which one you should buy. Often it ends with you buying them both because you consider it an investment.

You always think; "How can I use this to the book?"
It doesn't matter if you're just out for a walk, or have a deep conversation with your best friend. In some way, your brain is already working to replace the name, the places and the conversation so that it fits your characters.

You have irregulare sleeping hours
Nothing stops your writing, not even the knowledge that you're supposed to be in school/work in three hours and you haven't slept a thing.

You visit internet pages your friends have never heard of (both for research and forums)
And when they ask you say; "Oh you know that..." and then it's still no one who understands.

You read and note important things in your head without noticing it
The way that author wrote, or how this writer always uses exactly those words. No matter what you read it's always something you notice and then can't let go. Mostly because you don't know you've noticed it.

You've dissed your friends just so you can write instead
"No, I can't right now, I have to finish this chapter!"

You're distracted at school/work
Instead of doing what you should, you write on that new idea you got, so fast so it won't disappear. If you aren'y writing you're sitting and staring out the window/at the watch in despar, and doubt yourself as an author and started to question whether or not you've got writer's block.

Empty staring is your speciality
You can sit for hours and just stare and think about nothing in general, and poeple sometimes wonder if you're dead.

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